Monument Valley APK + OBB + DATA + MOD V2.15.18 DLC Unlocked/Levels for Android

Monument Valley APK:- If you are a fairytale game lover then a suitable game for you is the monument valley. This game is very enchanting and lovely. You can travel into a whole new magical world by playing this sweet game. Not only sweetness but there is exciting twists and turns available in this game. Some levels of this game are very mysterious because the player has to unravel some hidden truths. This monument valley is a very popular game. Millions of users around the globe download this game on their devices daily.

The storyboard is very interesting. It is about a quite but brave princess named Ida who explores some new astonishing things in the monument valley and she unravels some mystifying secrets. This fairytale game is top rated and has got high ratings on the internet. For more information about the game, the reviews available on the internet can be read. This extraordinary game has a huge fan base. The monument valley is a great blend of sweet fairytale and electrifying adventure. From several adults to children everyone loves to play this amazing game. The apk file of monument valley is available on the internet.

The Android users are lucky because they can download the apk file of this app from the internet. This game has lots of updates. With every new update, some features of this game are enhanced. Many users of this game just love the new updates which are released by this fantastic game. The origin of this game is a puzzle. The player may have to solve the puzzles in the game to proceed to the next levels. This game was first introduced for the iOS device but it is now available for all most every version of the Android device. The monument valley game is a paid puzzle game.

The graphics and visual effects are the most talked about feature of this puzzle game. There are many astounding visuals such as the optical illusions in the game, the hidden paths, the crow people and the mysterious monuments. Many players love to play a game when it has many interesting levels. Likewise, the monument valley game is built with awe-inspiring levels. The monument valley game has won various awards for its amazing effects and for its popularity.

Main Features & Screenshots of Monument Valley APK

There are new dimensions added in the new updated version of this game which makes it even more interesting to play. There are many games on the internet which may seem very brilliant. The features of a game can help a user to choose the best game. So let us see some of the superlative features of the monument valley game.

  • It is a very impressive puzzle game. The game is very challenging and mind mending. With each level, the game may become even tougher and more exciting to play. The player may have to unravel the secrets of this game when playing each level.
  • The player has to guide Ida the princess in this game. The controls of this game are very convenient to play with. Any player can guide the princess properly with those simple controls. The princess may have to travel many places in the game to solve the puzzles. The user may have to guide the princess in the right pathway in the game. The main work of the player is reaching Ida to a whole new beautiful world.
  • The sound effects of this game are very hypnotizing. Many users have adored the sound effects because it makes the game even more enchanting and mysterious. For every action, unique sound effects are given.
  • As we have already discussed, the visual effects are significantly the best feature of the game. The user can feel that they are into that game thus, having an incredible gaming experience.
  • The exceptional structure available for this game is very fascinating. The player has to travel through these unique structures of the game.
  • There are lots of new things to explore in the game. By the drag and twist buttons, the player can redesign the magical world in the game.
  • The game can be saved and synchronized when playing it another device. You can take pictures and videos when playing this game on your device.
  • Before, the monument valley game does not have many episodes. But, the Players love games which are never-ending. Likewise, the new updated version of monument valley game is very long. It has eight enthralling episodes. With new episodes, there are new places to explore. In every chapter the illusions are very unique and different. In every level, the player has to face new obstacles to win the game.
  • One exciting but horrifying feature is you can play and fight with the optical illusion that is with dead people.
  • The interface of the monument valley game is incredible. It is very impressive and goes well with the storyboard.
  • The apk file of monument valley is available for free of cost. The game is also available in many app stores. If you want to download the latest updated version then apk file will be the best option. This app is very accessible because the file can be downloaded from the official website of the game.
  • The apk file of the monument valley game is available on various versions. You can choose the version which is supportable for your android device.

Requirements to Install Monument Valley APK

The monument valley apk only uses minimal resources of your device. The requirement to install the latest updated version of the monument valley is very less.  Many game fanatics search for the apk version of this game because it is available for free of cost. The premium version of monument valley is easily available on app stores. The paid version might be expensive for some users. Any type of user gets the opportunity to access the game by downloading the apk file of it. If you are planning to download the updated version then these simple requirements should be fulfilled.

  • The game may have been developed for other operating systems. However, the apk version of monument valley can be launched in android device. Make sure you have an Android device such as an android phone or an android tablet to download the game. The updated version of monument valley can be downloaded easily on android device version which is more than 4.0.
  • The monument valley apk file is required to download the game.  It is for free of cost. The official website of this game has various links to download the apk file of it.
  • To install and launch the game on your device the required space is 1 GB of your RAM space.
  • A good internet connection may be necessary only to download the apk file. After downloading and installation you can play the game without internet.

There are no special requirements to download the amazing monument valley apk file. No other thing is necessary that the above-mentioned requirements.

How to Download Monument Valley APK on Android Devices 

The monument valley game can be downloaded from different modes. The app is available on play store and some users may directly download this top rated paid puzzle game from there. Many users are not aware that the monument valley apk file is available on the internet and it is for free of cost. If you are tired of getting updates for the game then the best way to download the latest version with all updates is the apk file of it.

  • There are several reliable sources from which the apk file of this game can be downloaded. The official site of the monument valley game contains many links which will be suitable for your android device version.
  • For installation, the user may have to change the setting of your Android device. In the mobile setting go to devise administration> in security settings> enable downloads from “unknown sources”. This step is a very important step in the download procedure. You may not download the app until you enable it.
  • Now to install the app, the user may have to accept all the terms and conditions. There are some accesses permissions required for this game to launch. Grant all the permissions.
  • Now you can play the game.

How to Install Monument Valley APK with OBB DATA [instructions]

The OBB files are necessary to launch the game. These files contain much content than the apk file.  Let’s see How to install the monument valley with OBB.

  • The first step is the user should open the file manager.
  • Search the apk file of monument valley and install it.
  • Search your OBB monument valley file. Now, paste in the internal storage as OBB file.
  • You can now open the game folder and play the game!

Final Conclusion of Monument Valley APK 

Monument Valley is an exclusive game which is available for Android users in the form of apk file for free. Download the game by following the above instructions. Explore the incredible world of this game. It is very entertaining to play the monument valley. Download it now to play it through your Android device